Digital Sales Workshop

Learn the latest strategies and tools for digital sales.

Do you want to reduce the costs of your distribution?

Identify prospects faster and turn them into paying customers? With the right tools and smart automation, that’s exactly what’s possible.

At first glance, many sales tools offer similar functions, but the pitfall lies in the details: poor usability, overpriced subscription models and a lack of integration options become a stumbling block. We want to spare you the tedious and expensive trial and error and have designed a shortcut: our Digital Sales Workshop.

Who is the workshop aimed at?

Small and medium-sized companies with their own sales team


Companies that are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their digital distribution

Companies that have not yet established a digital sales funnel

Content & Procedure

First, we’ll introduce you to the stages of the digital sales funnel and explain which strategies accelerate lead generation and qualification. We then give you an overview of which tools can support your team in each phase and how. We focus on applications that are established in the market and can be easily integrated with each other and with standard enterprise applications.

In the practical phase of the workshop, participants have the opportunity to try out applications and AR hardware such as the HoloLens 2 or the Magic Leap themselves and simulate their own use cases – always supported by our trainer, who will address individual questions and advise on considerations for your particular application.

What results you can expect


Remotely or at your site


Alexander Stöger


3.900.- EUR on site
3.450. - EUR Web conference


If you still have questions about the contents and the course of the workshop, please feel free to call us. We will clarify your request in a straightforward personal conversation.

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